Taxation (Domestic & International)Services

R R H & Associates offers to provide taxation strategy for both Domestic as well as International. It can be really taxing for any organization to keep a proper track of taxation. The best services can be availed from our experts; they provide assistance and suggestions with respect to the various taxes that may be levied. Our well learned taxation professionals have a thorough understanding of both domestic and international tax laws and their expertise would definitely help in tax and accounting matters.

Taxation is a complex system, our tax structure in India is very systematic. To maintain all this, expert assistance is can be a relief. Our tax professionals provide flawless service and overcome all the challenges with respect to financial accounting and tax compliance.

The services covered are:

  1. Corporate tax matters – Both Domestic & Foreign Corporate.
  2. Domestic and International Transfer Pricing.
  3. Tax Audits under Income tax act, 1961.
  4. Representations and Litigation Support with respect to various Scrutinize and E-proceedings under Income tax act, 1961.
  5. Tax & Statutory Compliance review.
  6. Merger & Acquisition Taxation.
  7. Taxation of Individual & Non-Resident Indians, Partnership Firms, Limited Liability Partnership, Trust and etc.,
  8. Expatriate Taxations.
  9. Double Tax Avoidance Advisory and Cross-Border transaction advisory.
  10. E – Filing of Returns, Registrations of Trusts, Application with income tax department regarding various deductions and exemptions.
  11. Tax Due Diligence.
  12. Regulatory Support under FEMA, and RBI guidelines.

Determination of transfer pricing policy is an approach which brings certainty to the inter-company transfer pricing and also mitigates transfer pricing exposure in advance. Therefore, prior taking on any international transactions or specified domestic transactions with its associated enterprise it is essential that the transaction is evaluated, structured and planned specifically considering the tax impact.

R R H & Associates have a team of specialists in accounting, taxation & law. This combination of specialist enables us to deal all the transfer pricing matters is technical & innovative manner. Our Services include the following:-

1) Transfer pricing Planning.

2) Documentation.

3) Transfer Pricing Study Report.

4) Litigation Support.

5) Advice on all relevant matters.

International Taxation:

Any cross-border transaction involves tax implications at both ends of the transaction as well as each jurisdiction affected by such a transaction. In the context of cross-border taxation, income characterization and jurisdictions play key role in tax implications and by structuring the transaction appropriately, overall tax incidence can be minimized.

R R H & Associates has a dedicated team which helps in structuring cross border transactions of tangibles, intangibles and services and inbound and outbound investments for achieving high tax efficiency and minimizes the tax risks on an overall basis.

At our firm, we have the capability to understand the transaction from the perspective of India as well as overseas country’s tax laws, so that we efficiently structure the transaction.

We advise our clients on the following aspects:-

  1. Global Investment Structure.
  2. Transaction Advisory.
  3. Expatriate Arrangement Structure.
  4. Dispute Resolution.
  5. Withholding Tax Certification.
  6. Mutual Agreement Procedure.
  7. Representation before Advance Ruling Authority.