Investments & FEMA Complaince Services

This service offers to manage Foreign Exchange Management Compliance under the Act. One of the important sources of funds for an Indian Company is from the Foreign Direct Investment which means money from individuals or foreign companies is invested in the Indian startups and also established companies. As per the FDI policy, an overseas investment which is more than 10% is FDI. There are various ways of making a foreign investment. Every non-resident is allowed to invest in India under this Act or Government Approval Route, however, investments are not allowed in certain prohibited sectors. GOI has the authority to penalize if any violations of its rules occur.

The services offered at R R H & Associates as part of Investments & FEMA Complaince are:

  1. Advisory on Inbound Structuring i.e. structuring of Investments into India & advising on the nature & structure of the Business entity (e.g., Liaison Office, Branch Office, Joint Venture, Wholly Owned Subsidiary etc).
  2. Assistance in setting up of, or purchase of an existing entity.
  3. Assistance in obtaining Approvals & Compliance with various requirements of RBI/ FEMA.
  4. Approval from the Foreign Investment Promotions Board (FIPB), Ministry of Finance and assistance in preparation of the Foreign Collaboration Agreements.
  5. Advisory on change/ exit from existing Business model.
  6. Advisory on Outbound Structuring, i.e. choice of appropriate jurisdiction, structuring of investments etc.
  7. Assistance in regular FEMA compliances as per statutory provisions like filing of Form/Returns etc.
  8. Compounding Services:
    • Assistance in Compounding of Offences under FEMA.
    • Assistance in the process of voluntarily admitting the contravention, pleading guilty and seeking redressal under FEMA,1999.
    • Preparation of Application with RBI.
    • Submission of applications seeking compounding of contraventions under section 3(a) of FEMA to the Directorate of Enforcement at RBI.
    • Representation before RBI.