Finance & Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our professionals offer to manage your company’s finance which is management of money. Anything to do with the banking, investments, insurance companies, credit card companies and stock brokerages.  We offer all kinds of services that fall under this category. The services relating to the customer, technical support, sales and marketing will all be handled by the experts here. The team also works on reducing the overall expenses, they ensure that the books are maintained properly, avoiding mistakes, fees and penalties. Finance and Business Process Outsourcing offers services to optimize, standardize the core business processes.

Our team will be deployed the client location to handle day today activities, this team will be headed by a team leader. We also facilitate separate TDS and GST departments at the client locations. The goal is to continuously improve the process by reducing errors and secure your financial data. The below services come in the outsourcing of Finance:

  1. Finance and Accounting process outsourcing.
  2. Invoice & Billing.
  3. Fraud Detection and Prevention.
  4. Order fulfillment.
  5. Account Management Services.
  6. Warranty & Entitlement.


  1. Reduction in non-value added activities through a simplified yet standardized process.
  2. Reduction in the manual efforts through automation.
  3. You will have the best technological tools that may be used by the outsourced organization, the same may be treated as an additional cost to the company if the same is done by an in-house department.
  4. High quality comes within the budget which is cost-effective.
  5. There is a chance of reduced risk of any liabilities relating to the payroll or income tax returns. These can be penalty driven faults. However, a professional outsourced company will ensure such things don’t occur.